Build people and they will build your business.

Design thinking | Facilitation | Leadership | Coaching

If you are …

keen to deploy design thinking in your business;

eager for your organisation to navigate change well;

wanting to grow and develop leadership capabilities;

seeking to build and maintain your team’s performance;

or simply keen to harness your energies to achieve your goals

…I help real people get real results.

How I work

I help organisations and individuals by affirming purpose, encouraging professional mastery and promoting personal growth. I do this in one or more of four ways.

Design thinking

Practical innovation to resolve issues, solve problems and design new services, products, processes or policies.



Delivering custom workshops to build team relationships, improve communications and maximise performance.



Leading workshops that set expectations, agree process and define goals in order to deliver great outcomes.



Guiding personal growth and effectiveness through affirming purpose, setting goals and supporting progress.

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