Let each man exercise the art he knows.

I’m Jon.

What do you do?

I’m an Auckland based trainer, coach and facilitator.

  • I train individuals, teams, managers and leaders.
  • I facilitate engaging and productive workshops and strategy sessions.
  • I coach people on purpose, growth and mastery to help them navigate challenges and transitions in their careers, their work and life.

As well as working with my own clients, I also partner and work with organisations like NZ Facilitators and The Icehouse.


What is your background?

After early adventures in the performing arts and small business ownership, I went on to build 25 years experience in both the private and public sector. In that time, I have worked in, coached and led teams in customer operations, change management, organisational development and service design activities across three continents. A lifelong learner, I trained with Coach Inc. before becoming a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).


What is your range of experience?

  • I’ve been an actor, lifeguard, bike messenger, barman and salesperson.
  • I’ve also been a manager, a leader, a mentor, a trustee and a board member.
  • I’ve worked in prisons, advised communities, helped churches and mentored youth.
  • I’ve interviewed and inducted hundreds of people and trained thousands more.
  • I’ve worked as a corporate coach and facilitator in business and local government.
  • I’ve navigated job change, career development and redundancies and it is this that helps me guide others through the same.


What’s behind your work as a coach and trainer?

Ours is a family of helpers and encouragers – it is part of who we are. The three most recent generations include teachers, engineers, nurses, special needs assistants, mission volunteers, prison visitors, classroom aides and youth leaders – helping and encouraging others is in our DNA.

Whether as a production line worker, managing a help desk or as part of a senior leadership team, I have worked with many truly talented people in great organisations on fantastic projects and initiatives. After years of searching for my perfect role, I realised that there wasn’t one. Instead, I came to understand that I am at my best and do my best work when helping others be their best and achieve their goals. This realisation guided me to the work I now do.

I consider myself lucky to have found a profession that energises me, benefits others, helps people grow and organisations prosper.


What else are you involved in?

I enjoy working around our smallholding and writing fiction, non-fiction and the odd poem; you can find some of my work-related writing on this website, LinkedIn and my Facebook page. I am a board member of a trust that provides accommodation and support for adults with disabilities; provide pro bono development support to a road safety charity and volunteer as a youth mentor and in my community.

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