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Every leader deserves the tools to turn challenges into triumphs, not trials

Imagine feeling confident in every decision you make, being able to communicate clearly with stakeholders, and manage difficult conversations.

These are the hidden skills you need to help you develop your capabilities, lead more consistently and able to tackle changes ahead.


Gain the critical skills needed to lead effectively. Through tailored coaching, develop the ability to navigate complex challenges, make strategic decisions, and drive team success.


Elevate your leadership with enhanced self-awareness. Understand your strengths and areas for growth, fostering confidence that inspires your team and guides you through uncertainty with ease.


Find clear direction in your career journey. With focused coaching, crystallise your professional goals, aligning your aspirations with actionable steps to achieve your vision of success.

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Auckland CouncilMassey University Te Kunenga ki PūrehuroaThe IcehouseRhipe: A Crayon companyNESA – No One Ever Stands AloneOrigin Fire Consultants: Creative Collaborators

One-to-one coaching that puts you first

Two people are talking with each other, one person is the focus of the photo, the other is seen from behind.

One-to-one coaching that puts you first

Get clear on your goal – what do you want?

Coaching begins with identifying and setting personalised, achievable goals. This process ensures that your coaching journey is tailored to your specific aspirations and challenges, laying a solid foundation for growth.

Reflection and reality – what’s going on right now?

When you are clear on your goal, using reflective practices will help you assess where you’re at and what you are responsible for right now. You’ll develop insights on how your goal and aspirations might fit with your work and life commitments.

Possibilities and planning – what could you do?

Coaching helps you consider options and opportunities before creating a plan to bridge the gap between your current capabilities and the desired outcomes. These plans are actionable, measurable, and designed to motivate your progress toward goals.

Accountability and the way forward – what will you do?

A key feature of coaching is the provision of accountability and support. Keeping you focused on your commitments, offering encouragement, and adjusting strategies as needed, and ensuring sustained progress and resilience in the face of challenges.

Jon Dunning, leadership coach

Hi, I'm Jon

My one-on-one leadership development coaching isn’t about giving you the answers but helping you discover them for yourself.

I was a team leader, manager, people leader, and senior manager for over thirty years. I made more mistakes than most and took longer to realise that leading others was more about support, guidance, and contribution than position, direction, and management.

After benefitting from the investment of some great leaders I worked with, I decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my working life doing that for others.

Now I work with industry leaders in all industries based across Australia, New Zealand and Asia to create a plan about you—your goals, challenges, and success.

When we get there, you’ll achieve the goals you’ve set and be able to navigate life’s twists and turns with greater confidence and clarity.

  • Coach Inc program graduate (International Coach Federation accredited)
  • VMI (Vertical Mindset Indicator) Practitioner License
  • VMI Assessment/Debrief and VMI for Teams
  • Design Sprint Master – AJ&Smart / Google Ventures
  • Facilitator/Coach – Institute of Managers & Leaders AU
  • Facilitator/Coach – Institute of Managers NZ and Skills
  • Coach – Massey University Executive Development EMBA programme
  • Mentoring Coach – NZ Police Waitamata


“Jon is well-attuned to commercial and business realities while retaining the “human touch” in his professional dealings. He has inspired and encouraged me to punch above my weight and persevere in my career goals no matter what, and I know I join countless others in saying that.” – John, Legal Officer at Royal New Zealand Navy

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