Expert facilitation services for businesses and training organisations

Contract facilitation for leadership programmes, strategy sessions and design workshops.

Make the most of your events with professional facilitation

In business, the quality of your events can significantly influence your strategic outcomes and team dynamics

Whether it’s planning days, strategy sessions, team-building events or courses, having an expert facilitator can transform a routine gathering into a pivotal moment of insight and engagement.

As a seasoned facilitator with over 35 years of experience across diverse sectors and cultures, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a hands-on approach to ensure your corporate events or training are productive, engaging, and aligned with your objectives.


“Jon was brilliant at facilitating our strategic planning & values process. Very creative, kept us on-topic at the right pace and ensured everyone’s voices were heard. Many were new to this type of process but Jon had us all at ease and contributing well within moments of him beginning the session. Highly recommended and would use again without hesitation.” – Gavin Gunston, Community Coordinator at Hobsonville Community Trust

An answer to your facilitation needs

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An answer to your facilitation needs

Strategic planning days

Guide your team through the complexities of strategic or tactical planning with a facilitator who ensures every voice is heard and every idea is considered.

Team development days

Build stronger, more cohesive teams through expertly-led activities and discussions that enhance communication and collaboration.

Training facilitation

Elevate your training sessions, whether you’re a business looking to upskill your staff or a training company in need of a dynamic presenter.

Customised approach

Every business is unique, and my facilitation role is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

Engaging delivery

I make sessions enjoyable and memorable, which enhances learning and retention.

Proven techniques

I ensure that your team not only learns but is inspired to apply new insights.


“Jon’s approach engages all participants in the process while providing sufficient challenge to get participants to think outside their comfort zones. We arrived at a set of goals that tasked us to do what we do best but also to strengthen our organisation and our brand, and develop new initiatives to support our client base. We have come a long way since setting those goals and are very grateful for Jon’s input.” – Tony Culliney, Chief Executive at Storytime Foundation

Contract Trainer / Associate Facilitator

I work with a number of leadership development and training organisations to design and deliver their course content.

If you’re looking for a professional, confident leadership coach who can step up as and when you need it and deliver your programme, I’d love to talk.

Organisations I contract to

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Capability GroupThe Learning WaveAdeptionMantleInstitute of Managers and Leaders Australia | New ZealandNZ Facilitators
Jon Dunning, leadership coach

Hi, I'm Jon

As a facilitator, I don’t just lead sessions; I partner with you to uncover and address your team’s or clients’ needs.

This approach has proven effective in not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of the businesses and training companies I work with.

For businesses: From redefining company goals to enhancing team dynamics, I provide the facilitation needed to propel your company forward.

For training companies: I bring your content to life, ensuring that your clients receive engaging and impactful training that drives satisfaction and results.


Companies I've worked with

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Auckland CouncilMassey University Te Kunenga ki PūrehuroaThe IcehouseNESA – No One Ever Stands AloneRhipe: A Crayon companyOrigin Fire Consultants: Creative Collaborators

Ready to transform your next corporate event or enhance your training offerings?

Partner with a facilitator who brings expertise, empathy, and energy to every session.

If you’re looking for a professional, confident leadership coach who can step up as and when you need it and deliver your programme, I’d love to talk.