“The facilitator’s job is to support everyone to do their best thinking. To do this, the facilitator encourages full participation, promotes mutual understanding, and cultivates shared responsibility.”
Sam Kaner

A harmonious team is one where there is a lot of “we and “us” – the ideal mindset for entering a strategic planning session or group workshop. However, this harmony does not always come so naturally.

As a facilitator, I have seen teams galvanise before my eyes as I run sessions that get to the heart of an organisation’s vision, mission and strategic goals. Experiencing a session on common ground raises the level of participation and understanding between colleagues.

An early career in the performing arts allows me to facilitate for you in a way that will engage, empower and excite your team. Allow me to come in and work with you to take the pressure off.

What are the benefits of facilitation?

  • A neutral presence that both serves the group and supports its leadership.
  • A different perspective to help inspire reflection and thought.
  • Alternative methodologies and tools to generate new insights.
  • Encouragement of positive engagement and collaborative mind-set.

What does facilitation involve?

  • Innovative values-led team formation workshops.
  • Locum facilitation – experienced delivery of your material/workshops.
  • Neutral and independent facilitation for crucial decision making sessions.

“Jon was brilliant at facilitating our strategic planning & values process. Very creative, kept us on-topic at the right pace and ensured everyone’s voices were heard. Many were new to this type of process but Jon had us all at ease and contributing well within moments of him beginning the session. Highly recommended and would use again without hesitation.”

Gavin Gunston, Community Coordinator at Hobsonville Community Trust

“Jon’s approach engages all participants in the process while providing sufficient challenge to get participants to think outside their comfort zones. We arrived at a set of goals that tasked us to do what we do best but also to strengthen our organisation and our brand, and develop new initiatives to support our client base. We have come a long way since setting those goals and are very grateful for Jon’s input.”

Tony Culliney, Chief Executive at Storytime Foundation

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