Professional development: why I am eating my own dog food

Self-directed learning is great but sometimes we need to eat our own dog food, so I'm taking a week or so out to practice what I preach.

What is a design sprint and why I should care?

A design sprint is an interactive step-by-step system for solving big problems and/or testing big ideas.

Walking the talk: continuously improving my business travel

Lead by example and walk-the-talk are key themes of my leadership training workshops and coaching.

Do professionals really need coaches?

Atul Gawande looks at the effects of combining simple checklists for procedure and equipment with coaching for healthcare professionals in rural India.

Coaching versus mentoring

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?.

Are you and your team motivated?

I have been working with a group of managers and team leaders who are going through change.

Take time to celebrate!

One of the joys of coaching is seeing others celebrate their accomplishments.